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Interreligiöse Konferenz Europäischer Theologinnen
Dear Members of IKETH,

Welcome to
IKETH Annual Conference, 23 – 27 September 2016
Being on the Move – Experiences of Refugee Women and their Host Communities
Orthodox Academy of Crete

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In 2014 we moved one step towards our focus on strengthening relationships with women theologians in the Balkan countries, by having
our Annual Conference in Sarajevo, and by electing a Bosnian Muslim member to the Board.

Please help us to continue this way by paying your membership fee!
You may also  donate to the Iris-Müller Fund which we set up in 2013 to enable women from low income countries and students to participate in IKETH's annual study conference and to become part of the network.

God's rich blessings on all of you, all of us, in the new year to come and let's stay connected!

The IKETH Board
Reinhild Traitler-Espiritu, chair, Susanne Wolf, Martina Heinrichs, Naida Huskanovic

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